Romania Active


We are Romania Active – a growing adventure travel specialist company. Although our story began 12 years ago, our passion keeps growing even bigger, and we haven’t missed a day in being passionate of bringing to the world the Romanian cultural heritage, history, and its fantastic outdoors. We love developing and offering tourists amazing authentic Romanian experiences. That’s our main reason for existing. We love to hear our guests & partners say they can see and feel the passion we have when talking about Romania and what we do. And we are grateful when we hear it, as in fact we are simply authentic and ourselves. Therefore, we reflect this naturally in our work.

Hiking, cycling, sightseeing, Romanian culture, history, nature, Danube Delta, monasteries, stuffed cabbage leaves and other new flavours of home cooked meals! All the wonders of the above are just some of the main ingredients that we offer you. Maybe you’re wondering why should you choose us. Well, here are just a few reasons why:

  • We are down-to-earth people with a really mature & professional attitude
  • We are self-starters and self-drivers with initiative and passion
  • We understand the work needed behind getting fantastic results
  • we have a relaxed yet robust and healthy attitude of ‘Everything has a solution”
  • We have strong values of integrity, diversity, honesty and teamwork

This robust mix of simplicity, authenticity, passion and high professionalism is what makes Romania Active a one of a kind story.


Contact: Raluca Teodor
Phone: +40 729 474666