Liliac Winery


Liliac is a “boutique” winery located in the heart of Transylvania, 14 km away from Reghin, in a village called Batoș. We belong to an old, traditional vineyard area with an important wine history, and we bring modern and innovative technology into our wine production process. Sheltered here by the curve of the Carpathians, mineral-rich soil and a moderate continental climate contribute to the ripening of the very finest grapes.

The wine-producing area in Batoș and Lechința may seem to the visitor a forgotten patch of earth. To someone involved in wine production, the region reveals itself as almost destined to bring forth great wines.
Since 2012 we have been offering to all the guests that are interested in visiting us a tour of the cellar and wine tastings in a unique location. Small but high-end, in a few words, this can be the description of our wine tasting lodge nestled on the plateau at the top end of the vineyard hill. A new and modern construction, in Tirolean style, offers a breath-taking view of the vineyards and the rural landscape. Gently rounded contours which remind one of Tuscan rolling hills and numerous watercourses meander through the broad green highlands, the archaic towers of the authentic Saxon churches rise up among the hills and invite you to relax.
Come to admire the landscape and enjoy the view that lies in front of your eyes from our wine lodge and you won’t be disappointed.


Contact: Adina Florescu
Phone: +40 732 733 062