Travel experiences far beyond the ordinary! DiscoveRomania was established to offer unforgettable holidays in Romania.  Our goal is to create quality travel experiences that produce economic benefits for local areas from tourism, whilst being sensitive to environmental and conservation issues.

DiscoveRomania offers special small group holidays, that can be tailored to individual tastes. Tours are often planned around special events – such as folk festivals or religious celebrations in the Maramureș region. Other tours are more active, and involve biking, walking, and hiking in Transylvania and beyond. The eco-tours we offer are based on exploring the South-Eastern Carpathian Mountains, looking for signs of bears and wolves. We also offer tours observing rare species of birds in the Danube Delta and tours discovering the astonishing beauty and richness of wildflower meadows. Our program includes special interest tours revolving around topics such as archaeology, encounters with Gypsy communities, experiencing Romanian wines, and meeting local artisans and craftsmen. All tours have been designed to immerse you deeply in the nature and culture of the true Romania.

DiscoveRomania: a diverse and fascinating country – perhaps a lost paradise of Europe – where you can enjoy travel experiences far beyond the ordinary!

Discover the hidden valleys of Maramureș – a walking holiday

Day 1 – Overnight train to Maramureș
Day 2 – Walk between villages in the Mara Valley
Day 3 – Explore the villages in the Gutâi Mountain foothills
Day 4 – Walkthrough foothills of the craggy andesite ‘Cock’s Crest’ (Creasta Cocoșului)
Day 5 – Explore the villages along the Cosău Valley
Day 6 – Walkthrough pastures and hills to villages at the foot of Țibleș mountain
Day 7 – Visit the Museum of Arrested Thought and the unique Merry Cemetery
Day 8 – Transfer to airport


Contact: Laura Vesa
Phone: +40 722 746 262