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Romania offers endless opportunities to those who love water activities, and for those still uninitiated, the passion can start from the first tour organised by Outdoor Experience. You can be a beginner or even an expert in rowing sports, we can help you find the ideal place to get in touch with nature and forget the worries of everyday life. We offer many options and itineraries for one or more days, which are usually based on water sports. Those looking for adventure and adrenaline can join us on rafting tours of the rivers Jiu, Buzau, Mureș, Arieș, Bistrița, Cerna or Crișul Repede. Those who want to relax and enjoy the scenery and nature can participate in a canoe tour on the rivers Mureș and Olt, while fast water kayak enthusiasts can choose from a day tour, or multi-day expedition, on various rivers and with varying degrees of difficulty – from WWI to WWIV.

Lovers of nature, activity and culture may choose a longer itinerary in the heart of Transylvania, which can include a canoe tour on the River Olt, hiking in the Perșani and Călimani Mountains, visiting Saxon fortified churches, and caving and canyoning in the Hăşmaş Mountains. In winter we can admire nature and look for animal tracks, by taking a ski or snowshoe tour in the Carpathian Mountains. All our activities are accompanied by our experienced guides who know well Romania’s waters and nature. Our Outdoor Experience Team consists of biologists, geologists, dentists and mountain rescue specialists, all of whom are nature lovers and are appropriately qualified with international certificates for Rafting Guides and Whitewater Rescue Technicians.

Adventure, nature and culture

Day 1&2: Paddling on Olt.
Day 3: Hiking to the Bazalt coloumns near Racoș.
Day 4: Transfer to Călimani National Park, light hiking.
Day 5&6: Hiking in Călimani Mountains.
Day 7: Hiking to the tree trunk caves at Răstolița, easy rafting on Mureș
Day 8: Paddling, visiting the castle of Kemény family


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