Carpathian Nature Tours 


Carpathian Nature Tours is a small tour operator company that focuses on sustain- able and socially responsible tourism to support the conservation of the environ- ment and to protect wildlife. We therefore focus on hiking and nature experience holidays with wildlife watching, but we also offer cultural tours all over Romania.  

Our house, Villa Hermani is located in the mountain village of Magura, right in the middle of the Piatra Craiului National Park. Until 50 years ago the village could only be reached on foot or by horse and cart. This is why local traditions are still kept and are still lived by the farmers.  

The guesthouse was opened in 2004 and has been awarded so far three times  with the „Eco-Romania” ecotourism certification logo by the Association of Ecotourism in Romania. From the balcony or the garden you can enjoy the scenery and the mountains. The scarcity of cars, the clean air, and the freedom of nature make our house a paradise for families with children.  

The soft green shades of the hills around Magura contrasting with the white rock walls of the mountains intice visitors to stay. Here you can travel without haste and gain unforgettable insights into a culture that has not changed much for centuries.  

We regard a close contact between the traveler and the tour operator as essential, therefore we guide only small groups (max 15 persons). A special highlight for the Carpathian mountains is watching European brown bears from a cabin in the forest. With some luck you can also see other wildlife like wild boar, birds of prey, owls or even wolves. 


Day 1: Mediaș – Slimnic Fortress – Sibiu  

Day 2: Sibiu – Hârtibaciului Valley – Sighișoara – Viscri 

Day 3: Viscri – Mesendorf – Măgura 

Day 4: Măgura – Peștera – Bats Cave 

Day 5: By horse drawn cart in Ţara Bârsei 

Day 6: Libearty Bear Sanctuary – Vulcan 

Day 7: Măgura – Bran Castle 

Day 8: Traditional sheepfold – Curmătura Chalet 

Day 9: Brașov city tour