Inter Pares


At a time when society seems mainly concerned about modernization and material gain, the whisper of nature is gradually overcoming our complacency and greed. The monotony and stress of city living encourage a longing in the human soul for movement, activity, and space – an attempt to rediscover the self…
We are born with a passion for movement in nature and for everything that is truly beautiful, consistent, and everlasting, in the world around us. We constantly seek to rediscover our true identity ‘INTER PARES‘ (Among Equals) through a code of ‘action and behavior‘ in resonance with nature.

“Emotion is created by motion”…

Through the kind of tour programs that we offer we endeavor to avoid the trappings of ‘mass tourism’. One of our main principles is to know and understand nature, local people, and their lives, and to present them spontaneously and authentically through direct, personal experiences. In order to achieve this we believe in ‘deceleration’ – taking our time – travelling in small groups, and honing all our five senses to the maximum. We take time to breath, to contemplate, to admire…! Peace, nature, culture and tradition… all combined harmoniously in an active and dynamic framework.

We are talking about ‘another Romania’ – A Romania much more real and more profound! TRAVEL WITH US – you will see what we mean!


Day 1 – București to Baraolt (outdoor camp)
Day 2 – Raft building (camping under canvas, campfire)
Day 3 – Rafting (camping under canvas, campfire)
Day 4 – Rafting (camping under canvas, campfire)
Day 5 – Cycling stage & Sighișoara citadel
Day 6 – Cycling stage & Sibiu
Day 7 – Alpine stage: circuit of Bâlea glacial caldera. Transfer to București


Contact: Radu Zaharie
Phone: +40 744 371 547