Wild Carpathia Adventure 


This is an initiative of the Association for the Conservation of Biological Diversity in order to create a high-quality tourism offer, which will contribute to the support of education and research programs for nature conservation. We offer wildlife watching tours throughout the year, and we blend them with cultural and adventure elements. The tours are unique and tailor-made according to each group. Our guides are professional experts (biologists, geographers) who can speak your language.

Tours can last anything from one day to one month. The price includes accommodation, food & drink, guiding, transport, transfer and entrance fees. The income generated by the tourism activity is invested in the conservation and research of biodiversity in Romania.


Contact: George Bouroș
Phone: +40 721 229 188
E-mail: office@wildcarpathaadventure.ro
Website: www.wildcarpathiaadventure.ro