Traditional Casa


Traditional Casa Experience – TCE is a tourism provider set up by a group of people with a genuine interest in nature, local people, rural customs and speleology. It was created to provide keen visitors with access to the less known and more mysterious life in the archaic dwellings built on the Runcuri Karst Plateau, above a spectacular labyrinth of caves. The plateau stretches through Pădurea Craiului Mountains in Bihor county, through Rosia commune and above the caves Ciur Izbuc, Ciur Ponor and Doboș. It is just a few kilometres away from the unique Cave of Crystals in Farcu mine, being surrounded by Cuților and Albioarei Gorges and Șteazelor Valley.

The accommodation complex consists of three distinct households, each with its own private kitchen and dining room, outdoor bonfire area and outdoor activities.

Casa Tradițională (20 places) – a household that is over 200 years old, restored to welcome those keen on nature, hiking, mountain biking and speleology.

Casa Măriuța (8 places) – A rural mountain farm, specific to the Pădurea Craiului area, where those interested in traditional agriculture can learn various traditional practices alongside the villagers, such as mowing and gathering the hay, milking the cows and preparing cheeses or pork.

Casa Florian (13 places) – a 3-star guesthouse, drawing the traveller with its unparalleled privacy, located above the Cuților Gorge, in a balloon of tranquillity, only disturbed by the sounds of nature.


Contact: Costache Roman
Phone: +40 744 603 706