Casa dintre Sălcii Guesthouse


The “Casa dintre Sălcii” guesthouse is located on the banks of the Uzlina Canal in the Danube Delta (Uzlina village, Murighiol comuna, Tulcea county) and is surrounded on three sides by water.

The guest cottages are built in local style with reed-thatched roofs. They are painted in the traditional local colours of white and blue.

Just 5 minutes away by boat you are surrounded by nature and wildlife. Colonies of Pelicans and Cormorants can frequently be seen. Many lakes and canals are accessible in the surrounding area: the Uzlina, Isac, Isacel, Chiril, Onofrei, and Taranova Lakes; the Litcov Canal, and the meandering Perivolovca waterway.

While relaxing in the peaceful grounds of the guesthouse you will hear the ever-present sounds and echoes of the wetlands: the chorus of the frogs, pheasants calling in the forest, the gentle cries of herons, and the squawking of the gulls who come to feed nearby.

At the table your hosts will offer you local fish dishes prepared according to traditional recipes – unforgetable flavours, here in the heart of the lakes. For example: caviar salad, marinated fish, plachie (baked fish with tomatoes and bay leaves), carp baked with cabbage, and local fish soup specialities including storceac dres (cream of sturgeon soup).

We offer a wide range of activities with the accent on nature and local culture, for example: boat trips on local lakes and canals, visits to traditional Lipoveni villages, bird watching, observing wildlife, sport fishing (catch & release). Visits to cultural and historic monuments in the area include: the Halmyris Fortress (Murighiol), the Salsovia Fortress (Mahmudia), and the Halmyris Monastery.