Bison Land – a model of conservation through natural processes and sustainable development through education and ecotourism


  1. Creating the conditions for modern and effective management of mammal populations, with a focus on the management of the bison population, which ensures the maintenance of habitats, essential to the integrity of the Nature Park.
  2. Creating a network of nature educators who actively supports the conservation activities carried out by the Nature Park Authority through dedicated education programs with children and young people, in 4 local communities.
  3. Increasing the attractiveness of Vânători Neamț Nature Park as an ecotourism destination by creating an integrated system of park-specific visitor infrastructure with a high degree of attractiveness and sustainability, and by using interactive interpretation techniques and events.


Duration:10th of April 2023 – 07th of June 2024

The total budget of the project:3.999.313,96 lei, out of which AER´s budget is 2.067.740,00 lei
Funding Source:  Verde pentru Viitor Program
Coordintaor: Bogdan Papuc


  • Identify the impacts of the Vânători Neamț Nature Park’s (PNVN) bison population on the forest, grassland ecosystems, and local communities to improve the management of the species;
  • Establish an effective monitoring system for the bison population, based on data collected with professional and integrated equipment;
  • Creation of 3 education programs for sustainable development on key themes for nature conservation activities in the Vânători Neamț Nature Park and their integration in the Prin Pădurile României (Through Romania’s Forests) manual with printed and outdoor materials;
  • Development and multiplication of an educational support kit for educational programs;
  • Mentoring for the development and implementation of education programs for PNVN´s staff;
  • Creation of a network of nature educators for Vânători Neamț Natural Park;
  • Organisation of environmental education and awareness-raising events;
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of the visitor center building by installing a photovoltaic system and insulating the large hall of the visitor center;
  • Rehabilitation of 3 mountain hiking trails (marking, signposting) and preparation of documentation for their approval;
  • Development of the visitor center interpretation and education plan based on the existing interpretation concept;
  • Rehabilitation of the indoor exhibition inside the visitor center based on the interpretation and education plan;
  • Creation of a recreational area in the crossing area between the visitor center and the zoo
  • Rebuilding and extension of the deck in the acclimatization pen;
  • Conduct training for APNVNT staff to increase interpretation and communication skills in dealing with visitors;
  • Creation of a photo-video database with images from PNVNT for nature education and interpretation activities;
  • Opening event of the center;